Colorado Mountains
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Native Americans chewed pine resin as sort of a natural chewing gum for medicinal purposes, Pine sap properties include: antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Pine resin - sap is said to be helpful in treating stomach ulcers and rheumatoid arthritis conditions. Pine needles can be used to make a tea that is high in vitamin C and the inner bark can be cut into bacon sized strips for frying or roasting over a fire. Pine sap-resin can be made into a beverage by mixing with water and the resin can also be used to help close open wounds. Pine Tree Resin can be made into a salve for blisters, burns and rashes. Pine sap-resin is flammable, Pine needles and resin will be helpful when trying to spark a fire. Various types of wood-plant cellulose (saw dust etc.) may be present in some fast food items and also food products over at your local store, cellulose can be used to thicken foods, prevent clumping, and improve creaminess without affecting flavor. inner Pine bark is now being sold as an antioxidant-and ant-inflammatory supplement with the latest research showing that it can possibly help increase stamina, reduce muscle soreness, reduce high blood pressure and help improve poor blood circulation (clogged arteries).

Pine Tree identification

Three varieties of the evergreens are said to be poisonous, the Ponderosa Pine, Norfolk Island Pine and the Yew.
In the spring when Ponderosa Pine sap begins to flow their bark gives off a pleasant vanilla-like aroma that saturates the forest air. The dark yellow- green needles are 5-10” long and grow in clusters of three. The cones, similar in color to the bark, are 3-6” long and 2-4” in diameter. The needles are the longest and the mature cones the largest of any tree species that grow in Colorado.
Ponderosa Pine
Norfolk Island Pine has Leaves-needles held in upward angular sprays.
Norfolk Island Pine
Yews have flat needles.
Ponderosa Pine

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